I offer a variety of speaking options that includes trainings, workshops, discussion panels, seminars and coaching. All speaking options are available virtually or in person. If you would like to work with me please get in touch.


Available for companies and organizations that want to encourage their employees to engage in open dialogue concerning systemic racism, white supremacy, equity and inclusion. Designed to teach management how to combat issues that may arise in the workplace while facilitating healthy interactions amongst their staff that consists of people of color and non people of color. 


Available for groups that are wanting to ask and answer the hard questions surrounding the experience people of color have in this nation and internationally. With trust exercises, Q&A and an open discussion with norms created so a safe space is maintained, this workshop breaks down barriers and builds a solid foundation that attendees can take with them and implement at home with their families as well as the people they interact with in their communities. 

Discussion Panels 

Led by me, Tomiqua Perry, the discussion panel consists of 3 people of color and 3 non people of color who are open to dialogue surrounding systemic racism and white supremacy. Specific sub topics are chosen by the client based on the theme of the event. 


An engaging and often enlightening sharing of experiences as a bi-racial woman. I speak on my perspective on systemic racism and white supremacy while encouraging the audience to empathize with the plight of their neighbor regardless of race, color and creed. At the conclusion of the seminar, audience participation is encouraged with one simple question, “What is the solution to becoming the light that you seek?”


Available as one on one or group coaching, these sessions incorporate simulated situations that people of color and non people of color may experience regarding white supremacy and systemic racism. Role playing activities give the opportunity to get an idea of what people may experience on a day to day basis. Coaching sessions create an opportunity for people to not only sympathize with the plight of Black Americans, but to develop empathy for their plight. 

Want to book me for your next event?

I am available for speaking opportunities in person or virtually.