The Positive of Co-VID 19

How Co-Vid 19 Has Inspired Optimism

I am a glass half full girl. A forever optimist! Always seeking the sliver lining within any situation. Never do I let life’s circumstances get me down for to long. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I need to take a step back, evaluate what I see before me in order to determine my reaction to certain incidents. Sometimes a complete removal is necessary in order to maintain my peace of mind. Even then, I bid the person or situation a fond farewell with well wishes and genuine blessings.

It was this attitude, this natural demeanor that I had to lean into heavily, along with my faith when learning about Co-Vid 19 in January of 2020. By the time the virus made it’s way to the States, I suspect 50% of my team had already encountered the fever, chills, cough, extreme exhaustion, loss of taste and smell thinking that the flu was the culprit. When all along it was this virus that unbeknownst to any of us would radically change the way we forever viewed and moved within society.

Get Off the Emotional Rollercoaster

Fast forward to current day. I like many others that I know have experienced an emotional rollercoaster like none other in our lifetime while adjusting day to day to the affects this global pandemic has caused. From not being able to travel, to not being able to hug your loved ones. The constant but necessary wearing of masks to reduce the spread. The underlying fear that there is way more to this unprecedented time we are living in than meets the eye, the human race is struggling to adjust to the unknown.

Are we going to be able to host a traditional holiday this year? How do I keep my children engaged in their education while simultaneously remaining engaged enough in my job to maintain our household? Will I be able to find work this year? Is the un-employment benefit I receive going to stretch this month? The list goes on and on.

The Glass is Half Full!

Still, I am optimistic almost to a fault. Once the fear of what we are living through subsided, people began to see the light of what has come from this time in history. People are appreciating their connections with friends, family members, and co-workers. Folks are utilizing technology to stay connected and start new business’. Artists with a platform are bringing amazing musicians together to celebrate catalogues of work that remind us of life pre-pandemic. Loved ones are thinking outside the box in regards to earning a living, taking care of families and generations that will come after us.

We are supporting each other, being nicer to one another in grocery stores, at gas stations, in spaces that we can still frequent. The community is helping each other with zero expectations of anything in return ,communicating from a space of God.

Ego Has Been Removed Due to Global Pandemic

We have been humbled collectively. All of the sudden the playing field has been leveled a bit. Co-VID does not care if you make six figures or if you are on public assistance. It took away security, stability and the livelihood of damn near all walks of life. Co-VID 19, removed ego from a great deal of the entire human race. With this removal of ego, room has opened up for a new way of life. People are appreciating life rather than materialistic items. All of the sudden it has come to our attention that working a job that requires 60 hours a week, speaking with a filter in place or allowing our passion to dye slowly every day is not required to LIVE!

Although I am an optimist, I am also a realist. This is a scary and uncertain time, that is no doubt. Instead of moving in a space of fear, it is time to lean into whatever God you believe in. Using that strength to further believe in yourself and make your dreams come true. Be the inspiration! The reason your friends and family call you for the pep talk they need. Be the post on social media that makes another human smile in their heart. Make a choice, either you allow life to dim your light or you CHOOSE to BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU SEEK!

With Love,

Public speaker Tomiqua Perry sitting on a chair and smiling in orange shirt.

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  1. Jesus said the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. Thank you Sir for heeding to the Lords call to launch out on a new platform to propagate the Gospel. My prayer for you Sir is that God will deepen your convictions on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and cause CTC to be essentially a Gospel driven church. Arly Shepherd Haddad

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