Exclusivity Before Commitment

Take Your Time

In this day and age dating has become a montage of text messages, likes, Netflix and blocks on social media. Life span typically not exceeding the time it takes to write this bog post. No real connection forming. People choose to remain guarded interacting on superficial levels, continuing the cycle of disconnect. On the rare occasion of real intimacy, patience usually lacks. The euphoric feeling that new love brings about is addictive. Living in a world filled with negative energy has deprived most of genuine light. Patience is necessary for growth with a new love interest. Due to starvation of light and love, often we treat this energy like the oxygen needed to breathe. Resulting in a rush job of something that should be treated with care.

Layers to the Growth

After being married for a number of years, a new idea of commitment forms. If taken seriously, a real commitment requires sacrifice. Sacrifice requires a self-less spirit. Some view exclusivity in the same regard as commitment. Although one does lend to the natural progression of the other, they are in fact very different. There are levels to building a foundation that can carry a life long commitment. Both parties should be in a space of earning their stripes for lack of a better phrase. Building undeniable trust requires time to deal with common issues that come up in a new union. While dealing with these issues temperament and character are learned. Allowing time to truly get to know the person you are with ensures a long lasting relationship. The foundation must be solid or it will crumble before any real time has been invested.

Celebrate Your Hard Work Together!

Imagine walking down the aisle to a human being that loves every ounce of your genetic makeup, unconditionally. Knowing in your soul that you have made the right choice because the both of you did your due diligence in getting to know each other. That unmistaken knowledge that you have found your person, your better half, your mate. Only time, patience and communication along the way has allowed this moment to take place. Why would you ever want to rush this process? This is question that should be asked when starting the journey with a new love interest. Wanting to experience the journey together makes the moment you become one that much sweeter. After all, being the others reflection is what brought you together to begin with. Continuing to be the light that you seek will be the reason you stay together!

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