Divinely Lead

Most often when the Universe chooses me to deliver a message, I never know it beforehand. It won’t be until I am halfway through the interaction do I come to realize that I am in vessel mode. In that moment of realization I then ask God to open my third eye so I can download the proper message and energy behind it in order to convey with as much sincerity as possible the importance of receiving this divine intervention. The person on the other end usually tunes in keenly at this point, because no matter where they are in their spiritual journey , in that moment they too understand that what is happening is of God, Light, Positive Energy, Favor, a message from the Source is being delivered at that moment through this short mixed chick you just happen to meet at a local favorite eatery on a cold winter night.

What is ironic about these instances, is the wisdom that Most High places in me to share is usually very new to me as well. I often tell whomever I am sharing this experience with, this is only 2 week old wisdom so please take it with a grain of salt, this stranger talking to you so matter of fact although we have known each other for less time than it takes to prepare the wings and salad ordered for dinner. Still, the messages is always received with hugs and gratitude and this was right on time. My favorite response is: You have confirmed for me what I have already been feeling. When I hear that statement, I feel joy in my heart because that statement confirms for me what I have been feeling my entire life. I am here for a purpose.

We often get caught up in the day to day dealings of life, the hustle and bustle of maintaining home, relationships, jobs, projects the list goes on and on. We look up and weeks, months, years have gone by and we begin to wonder, why am I here? Thinking of accomplishments, failures, lessons learned and relationships that have withered and thrived wondering if there is more that could be done to leave a mark on this world. Asking the ever elusive question: What is my purpose?

Our purpose on this Earth is to be Divinely lead, to walk in Light, to be a vessel . It is our sole responsibility while we are here to represent the love and pure energy we were created in, the very likeness of Source is the goal, bringing light to darkness, that is our purpose. Where we fuck up, often is, allowing the day to day grind to keep us from doing the proper self care work in order to stay in the space of Light. We get distracted, we allow negative energy to invade our spirit space, we take on feelings of guilt, shame, insecurities, fear and we walk in that space of confusion until we are lost. And then, one night we walk into the favorite local eatery and God allows a connection with an absolute stranger. After 2 hours of conversation that neither of us can recall verbatim, a small pinhole of Light has been restored, some layers have been peeled back, healing has resumed and a new sense of purpose is being reminded with a genuine hug because we both were given confirmation tonight, being Divinely Lead!


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