Death to Digital Communication

For a person that loves the smell of books in a library, loves a brand new journal and a pen that writes like butter, living in this age of digital communication is akin to the slowest most painful and colorless death one could imagine. I know, I know I am being a bit dramatic, but shit! Can a lady get an old fashioned conversation these days! 

Although I was the one of the very first people to find several ways to personalize my MySpace page with glitter, colors and cute stickers that echoed some of my funniest thoughts, I now realize I was fool, much like the majority of the world today who has some type of device glued to one hand or the other. 

I may be telling my age, but there is something deliciously nostalgic about sitting up for hours on a rotary phone. You know, the one with the cord that was 50 feet long, reaching everywhere in the house, giving no excuse as to why one couldn’t sit twirling the cord in one hand, while cackling with girlfriends or the cute boy in 6th period math on the other end. The intimacy that conversation offers is lost when communicating digitally. Begs you to think about the demise of a healthy relationship, platonic or romantic in direct connection with the wave of social media, text messages, email and electronic devices. 

Too often tone of voice can be misconstrued during digital communication. What baffles me is that people don’t take that into account when miscommunication happens. Instead of making an effort to call or talk face to face to eliminate any issues, the entire situation and even sometimes the relationship will be abandoned just to avoid a real connection and understanding. Why has this become the norm? 

I am vehemently against this inevitable trend. I am the one that video chats my best friend every time we talk. Every time. At first she resisted, but then gave in to my constant badgering about wanting to see her face when I talked to her. Now…it’s our thing to video chat most mornings before the people rise up! I am the one that encourages conversation instead of chatting on those insanely wild dating apps that seem to be the only way a single human can interact with another single human, as meeting someone randomly is also a lost art. People are way too busy doling out likes on social media in the grocery store to actually look up and smile at the person behind them in line.I am the one that values each and every time I can sit across from a person who speaks to my soul and have stimulating conversation over a strong cup of coffee, cream no sugar. 

Since I am that person, I take pleasure in celebrating old fashion communication. I write, I co-host a podcast that encourages healthy dialogue, I perform poetry and bless microphones with witty banter and intellectual ideas that encourage free and open thought, I call and talk to my son everyday, so he will forever know what my voice sounds like, even after I am gone. I do these things because despite society being just as vehemently determined to destroy human connection via digital communication, there are still a lot of people who think and feel as I do, they also crave a true connection, and I am completely ok being a vessel that delivers just that!

Be the Light that You Seek 

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