Are You Moving With Intention?

Recently, I set clear definitive goals and put in motion action to make them a reality. This is a first for me. Most that know me would disagree. Stating that hard work and grit were my life long allies of mine. I do have the work ethic of 3 times the me that is actually able to work all the projects I have my hand in. Productively creating opportunity and a paycheck has become my comfort zone. As I mentioned earlier, this was not always the case.

Mindless Work

Putting in hours at a job that left me drained and depleted was my thing for a really long time. I was a serial new employee for most of my young adult years. Hopping from job to job turned into a game to me. It always amazed me the ease to which I could fill out new hire paper work every 6 months to a year. Jobs bored me. Repetitive tasks day in and day out?! Please, shoot me in the head. Sooner or later, going to work was dreaded. On to the new gig. I did this until I found my passion.


Even then, there was something missing with the whole order. I worked hard at my passion for years. While doing so, still working jobs to make ends meet. The jobs became just that, a means to an end. My passion was being lit up regularly with creativity. I was still missing something. There was a piece of the puzzle that was eluding me. Ultimately causing me to spin in circles. For years.

The thing that was missing all those years I worked jobs to make ends meet was intention. Goals become reality with action and intention. Now that I understand that I am moving the needle consistently. Life can be exactly what you want it to be. Just move intentionally.


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